In addition to being a Brand Identity Specialist/Website Designer, I also consider myself a beauty enthusiast.

I believe that beauty products are great confidence boosters and mood enhancers for women. It’s all about self' expression and creativity. I’ve always strongly believed in self love and expression of same. 

So I created Kandy Colors, a fun nail polish brand, allowing Fashionistas to create their own custom iconic shades to match their personalities, moods and outfits. I would personally hand mix each bottle of polish and apply each label creating the most unique shades for my clients. Although I quickly built a loyal customer base, I wanted to go bigger and even better.

It was out of pure passion and desire for a more mature and premium brand that MYNX LONDON was born. I wanted to offer women the full package; Uniqueness and a quality high end product that was affordable and also safe to use. MYNX London ticked all the boxes that Kandy Colors didn’t. 

On 8 July 2020, I changed the name of the brand to ‘HAY LONDON®’. This change was made to reflect my personal growth and I wanted the brand to reflect this change.  

HAY LONDON® is more neutral & earthy, still fashionable and most important, still the same premium quality and still firmly standing by our ethos of embracing uniqueness and valuing self expression. 

All of our polishes are handcrafted,10 Free, Certified Cruelty Free and Vegan Friendly.   


 Haydawn - HAY LONDON