There’s so much opportunity in patience

Author: Tenesia Pascal


Sometimes the spirit knows what the body needs before the mind understands it. I find that I’m in a place where I don’t love some of the things that I used to. Waking up to repeat the day has been hard for me recently.  It’s the repetition of redoing, of not feeling good enough, of not just getting it right and once that vision, that creativity is wounded it’s hard to get it back. It’s like you can’t quite see all of the colours of the rainbow so you can’t get everything just right the first time like you used to. Is this my spirit telling me that it’s time to walk away? Time to try my hands at something else? This pandemic has changed the world so drastically, it’s changed vision, it’s changed the confidence that I’ve once had in my creativity, in the thing that I used to be happy to show up for everyday. I know that things aren’t the same but what is life if we can’t bask in the beauty that we add to it. 


Patience has brought so much opportunity into my life but I’m struggling with patience right now. I understand that things take time but I feel like all of my gifts, all of my skills are not working. It’s like I’ve lost a part of myself. What do you do to get it back? How do you get it back? Can you get it back? I know that I’m not the only person that is in this situation right now. I know that you feel out of touch with life, with your job and with your purpose. We’ve been so busy allowing the noise of the world to drown out our own voice that we’ve lost confidence in ourselves. Our knowing, our knowledge and our skill set that we’ve perfected over the years now seems so far gone, like a distant memory.


I’ve come to understand that there’s opportunity in chaos, there’s opportunity in patience because only when we are still, only when we are gentle with ourselves can we see a way out. Only then we can tune into our inner-selves and  find the answers that we seek. It’s all already in us, the answers, the know how, the energy to propel us where we need to be but we need to meet ourselves halfway. 


We need to work smarter so that we can be happier mind, body and spirit. We can’t be disappointed in ourselves forever, we’ve got to find a way to bring stillness, peace and contentment to our hearts. It’s time for us to start walking a different path, you’re not alone, we will open new doors and cross new paths together.


Tenesia Pascal


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