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After booking my first Personal Training Session with Marlon Morton founder of MoreFit Lifestyle I discovered I was approaching fitness all wrong. Most of the common fitness misconceptions I had adopted were debunked by Marlon Morton in my first session. When looking around it occurred to me I wasn't alone, so many others were making the mistakes I once made. It was so important for me to get a more indepth insight as to how to start your fitness journey the right way.

I met with Marlon Morton, to get some answers as to how to take control of my fitness journey and overcome the many challenges. I am pleased to say making the small adjustments suggested by Marlon Morton won't be as painful as you think.

Serena: What are the three most common misconceptions about weight loss?*

MoreFit Lifestyle​:The three most common misconceptions that I come across are;

- Females believing doing weights will make me look manly! Due to the lack of testosterones levels within a female this is not possible without taking some sort testosterone boosters

- Supplements will help you lose weight!

- Fad Diets Work! I see a lot people jumping on the next diet trend, when really it’s as simple as what you eat, and the amount you eat, based on your fitness goals, and body fat to muscle ratio within your body


Serena: What tips can you give to someone who struggles with sticking to a healthy diet?

MoreFit Lifestyle:Prep in advance. If you have a busy week, like most of us do, take some time out of your spare day, put together a food menu for the week, incorporate your shopping list with the menu, and meal prep for the week. Also get family members involved, this can be fun and encouraging at the same time


Serena:How important is it to consider fitness as a lifestyle?

MoreFit Lifestyle:​ Personally, I feel fitness is highly important and should be part of everyone’s lifestyle, as there are so many positive benefits from living a fit & healthy lifestyle. I think fitness is sonomeous with a healthy lifestyle.


Serena: A healthy lifestyle can be difficult for families when everyone has different food preferences. How does someone stay on track with their healthy diet?

MoreFit Lifestyle: Get the kids and partners involved, they are never too young to get active and embark their journey on a healthy lifestyle too. Do some exercises at home or in the park with them and try to make it fun. When planning healthy meals, get them involved also, and teach them the benefits of eating well.


Serena:Is weight loss different for women? Do our different body types impact how we lose weight?

MoreFit Lifestyle: Yes, for a woman it is harder to lose weight. It’s said that women naturally have a slower metabolic rate than men. This means if a male and female were to have the same amount of food in a day, naturally the males body would burn through the calories quicker than the female.


Serena: Are protein shakes good for weight loss? Is it healthy to keep using protein shakes in the long run?

MoreFit Lifestyle: Simple answer, no, protein shakes alone won’t give you a healthy lifestyle, or drastic weight loss, although it may aid the weight loss process, protein shakes alone in the long run, is not solely the way forward. Most of these protein shakes are high in sugar, or have sweeteners that link to other health risks, when intaking too much. Also your body needs natural nutrients to thrive. I would choose a natural made smoothie with fruit, oats, chia seeds etc, over protein shakes.


Serena: To conclude what are your three favourite mantras to help those embarking a new healthy lifestyle?

MoreFit Lifestyle: I have so many but my three favourite mantras have to be;

“Consistency is Key” - Commit to it, and it natural becomes a habit, and then turns into a lifestyle

“Make time not excuses” - If you have 1 hour to watch the latest thing on Netflix, or BBC iPlayer, there is no doubt you have 30mins to an hour to dedicate to your health and wellbeing

“We all have to start somewhere, so why not start now” - I have had clients who were worried that their fitness levels weren’t good enough to train with a Personal Trainer, or attend the gym! This is the completely wrong mindset, starting out on the fitness journey is no different from starting a new job or learning to drive a car, we all had to start somewhere.

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My fitness journey has been challenging due to the fact that I have not been in total control. I really love this blog because it captures the true essence of essentially what works in a fitness ritual. I am now excited and motivated to take back total control by utilizing the advice given and continue into my homestretch. Thanks guys!

Tonesia Thomas August 03, 2020

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