Professional Salon finish Manicure that lasts

Author: Haydawn 


If you're a DIY fanatic like me then you're always looking for tips and tricks to make something better.

Unfortunately the previous covid lockdown forced many to adapt the DIY lifestyle in order to maintain not only their nails but some form of normality. 

With talks of possible covid lockdown on the way in various locations, I thought this would be the perfect time to equip you with some tips to keep your nails looking fab and for much longer. 

Let's dive in ....




  • Cleanse your hands thoroughly, file and lightly buff your nails then remove any hangnails
  • Apply a cuticle remover oil/cream, let sit then remove and wash hands again
  • Use a cotton bud and some alcohol to remove any residue or oils from your nails
  • Apply your favourite Base Coat (always wear a base coat before applying your polish to avoid staining)
  • Apply 1- 2 even coats of your favourite HAY LONDON polish, allow to dry between each coat ( Avoid getting polish on your cuticles as this may cause your polish to lift)
  • Apply 1- 2 layers of our quality, professional chip resistant Top coat Diamond Gloss  (seal the tip of your nails with your topcoat) 
  • Apply cuticle oil (apply this daily to keep your nails hydrated) 
  • Re-apply a thin layer of Diamond Gloss every few days to keep your mani looking fresh



Want to make it last even longer?

  • Allow your Nail Polish to dry completely for 24hrs
  • Apply 1 layer of clear Gel Polish Top Coat and cure for 90secs (Repeat step)
  • Always use rubber gloves to protect your hands and mani when washing up.
  • Remember if your base and top coats are not great, no brand of polish will stay on your nails. We recommend using our Diamond Gloss Top coat for longer lasting manicures. 



Let us know how you get on.
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