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For years we've dabbled with the idea of starting a blog. It seemed like everyone was blogging about something 'what would we even say that would capture an audience'...we didn't want to do it just because it was popular and certainly wasn't prepared to do it if it wasn't going to benefit our readers. 

So we waited for the right moment and this just happens to be it!! 

We want to help enrich the lives of our fellow fashionista and entrepreneurs so every Sunday starting tomorrow, we will be discussing some interesting topics from nails and beauty to wellness and business. We have a team of amazingly talented contributors to help us get the message to you. Let's meet them




Haydawn - Founder & CEO of HAY LONDON

Haydawn is a London based Serial Entrepreneur, Brand Identity Specialist and Mentor. When she’s not mixing and creating beautiful nail polish shades for the brand, she's busy in her design studio helping other female entrepreneurs worldwide create brand identities, website designs or develop entirely new brands. She’s also a personal development and wellness mentor, helping women to live a more fulfilling life. 

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Carmen Lecuane - Humanitarian & Entrepreneur  

Carmen is a London based full time IT Technician, Humanitarian and owner of Fashion Brand Kmabel. She speaks 5 languages, and has traveled and worked all over the world. She’s passionate about all things excellent in terms of female energy and entrepreneurship. Her go to Nail colour is nude and white.


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Tameka Marshall - Motivational Speaker &  Entrepreneur

Tameka is a New York based motivational speaker, moderator, and curator. She has fallen in love with empowerment and self-love.  Her love for change and inspiration has propelled her to organise her first TEDx event in Queens, New York. Being a black immigrant woman, it is a proud moment in her life to add positive value to her community.


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Serena is London based and manages a team of researchers to source high quality services and brands within the beauty, wellness, fashion and fitness sectors for her brand More into Me. She is passionate about female empowerment and hope to power more woman with her subscription service that allows women to discover, fall in love and remain loyal to hundreds of brands and services that are dedicated to making them feel amazing.


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Tenesia Pascal - Entrepreneur and Writer

Tenesia is the co-founder of Earth To Earth Organics a natural, organic handmade and environmentally conscious skin care brand.Her philosophy has always and will always be about health and happiness. She aims to inspire a more back to basics, natural and healthier way of living. When she's not whipping up a batch of lush skincare she's blessing her audience with beautiful poetry.


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Impressive, looking forward to reading and following this blog and all the interesting topics from the amazing and talented contributors.
Good luck ladies.

Alicia Fatormah July 27, 2020

Great job ladies!! Inspiring to see women striving for their dreams and making them a reality, while uplifting others.

Patrice Kusi-Appouh July 26, 2020

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