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Hi guys, I hope you're having a Fab Sunday so far. 

Today I'll be sharing with you my 'Top 10 Picks' of Chic Nail Designs you can try at home. I'll also share some tips. These can be achieved on your natural or acrylic nails using nail polish or gel polish regardless of if your nails are long or short. 


1)   I adore this simple barely there Mani. The hint of gold adds such a beautiful elegant touch bringing it all together beautifully. 

Tip: Trim an old nail polish brush and use it to create the thin lines. Don't have gold nail studs? Try using gold nail polish instead. Don't have white polish? Try our Nana's Pearls


Credit: @betina_goldstein 


2)   I love this take on the classic negative space mani. What's even better is that this design looks great with any shade of polish. It also allows you to add your own special touch using gems. 

Tip: Don't have any gems? Try using a contrasting shade of polish and add dots to replace the gems. 



 Credit: @antoniacheri &  @paintboxnails


3)   Can't decide on just one favourite shade? Then don't... This design allows you to use a few of your favourite shades. 

Tip: Pour a few drops of polish onto a plastic/glass surface, using an old foam sponge as the applicator, gently tap the nail with the polish. Let dry and repeat until desired effect is achieved. 


Credit: @thehangedit


4)  This beautiful wave calls for some steady hands but is totally worth it. I love that this design is an extension of the white tip. 

Tip: Wet an old eyeshadow brush with nail polish remover and use it to define your wave line. Do this before applying your Top Coat


Credit: @antoniacheri & @paintboxnails 



5)   Here's another take on the classic french manicure except with a twist...literally! I love the use of black and white for this design as it adds that extra bit of classiness to the design. This works well over a nude base. 

Tip: Apply a layer of quick dry Top Coat over your base, if you don't have nail strips, cut a thin layer of sellotape and gently place on the nail tip in an angle leaving enough room to neatly apply your triangle tip colour. 


Credit: @raelondonnails


6)   Love bold vibrant shades but want to make it chic? Then you'll love this design. I love this design as it showcases your classic nude base while adding a tiny pop of colour to your cuticle area.  

Tip: Trim an old nail polish brush and use it to create neat thin curved lines. If you use two shades for your curve, use an orange wood stick to blend the shades where they meet in the middle while the polish is still wet. 


Credit: @galoreux


7)   I'm obsessed with this fun design. It reminds me of sprinkles on pink iced cupcakes. This is a super simple but chic mani design. 

Tip: Trim an old nail polish brush and use it to create little strokes. Get creative and have fun with the colours. 


Credit: @furiousfiler


8)   Who doesn't love the classic white tip. Of course this had to be one of my Top 10. This was after all my go to design during my acrylic obsessed days. You can read all about my acrylic obsession Here

I love that it works so well on short nails too.

Tip: Try this classic design with a different colour every time. 


Credit: @nailsatthecandibar


9)   Can you tell by now that I love a neutral base in designs... I live for simplicity although it came with age as I was very much all about colourful coordination from head to toe in my teens ...please don't judge me! 

I love the addition of the thin gold trim in this design, it just takes the entire look to another level. 


Credit: @drybylondon


10)   I left this beauty for last to challenge you a bit. I promise it's not as difficult as you may think. I've always loved marble designs and was well pleased with myself the first time I tried it. I love this design because it shows that elegance isn't one dimensional. 

Tip: There are a number of ways to achieve this smoosh/ marble effect. Here's a simple method: Fill a narrow cup with water, add 2 - 3 drops of the polishes you wish to mix. Use an orange wood stick to swirl and mix the colours together without blending them fully. Dip your nail face down into the design and further into the water, remove with a swooshing action, clean off any excess polish from your finger. 


Credit: @lesstalkmorepolish 



There you have it, my "Top 10 Picks". I would love to see you recreate your favourites. 
Thanks for spending another Sunday with us here on the Blog. See you next week. 
Haydawn x




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