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Author: Tameka Marshall


Mental health is described as “a person’s condition with regard to their psychological and emotional well-being.”

Staying grounded and choosing happiness is such an important factor for our mental health. We are often consumed by the things around us and lose focus on the things that truly matter.

The human mind can be easily overwhelmed by relationships, people, businesses, money, social media, and even trying to keep up with trends

Over the years, I’ve learned that happiness is a choice. We choose the jobs we want, the roles we play or fill, the people who influence us, and the environments we live in daily.

Over time these choices can build or demolish our mental health. 

How to take charge

  • Understand your limitations by using a very necessary word, NO! The projects will still be there tomorrow. Saying no, can be so therapeutic and stress relieving.

  • Always know your worth. Oftentimes we allow others or situations to diminish our worth because of the fear of being replaced, missing out, or just not understanding how valuable you are. Know your worth and change the game.

  • Breathe- say it calmly- being selfish is okay because it allows me time to be my best self. We’ve been told being selfish is wrong but if you keep giving and giving when will you replenish? Taking time for YOU is so necessary to be mentally stable. Pray, meditate, take a hike, do a spa day, whichever you choose but be sure to choose you.

  • There is value in a strong circle.  Be wise in your relationship choices. Relationship, in this case, is open to everyone in your life; partner, friends, family, etc. choosing great friends and a bad life partner still leads to stress. We have to consciously choose greatness in every aspect of our lives. This will fuel us to be our best. A great circle supports you, prayers for you, has fun with you, cries with you, and builds with you. A good circle understands your vision and you, theirs.

Daily reminder: find something to smile and be thankful for.

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I think we often forget that our own happiness and sanity is most important. It’s taken me 34 yrs to understand this, however since doing so, life has felt at ease, with things naturally falling into place.

Schanel July 28, 2020

This post really hits home. I had to take charge of my life when I found so many people around me were continuously taking from me. My cup ran empty and I couldn’t fill it up.
Now in my 30s I’ve found my value and put myself first. I pray, I ensure I’m mentally and physically strong and healthy on a daily basis. As an property entrepreneur I have found success is what you make. It’s not about money.

Sabrina July 26, 2020

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