How to be Successful

Author: Tameka Marshall


If you’re looking for a special formula that fits everyone the same, then I suggest you stop reading.

Success cannot be defined as a one fix, one dimension, one accomplishment fits all. 

For years we’ve been taught to measure success by the money in our bank account, the degrees we received, fancy cars, or huge houses. While those are great, they are only quantitative for some.


I remember being asked to speak at an event for young girls between the ages of 10-16.

The idea was to inspire them to follow their dreams and understand their needs. 

I posed the question, “What would be a great achievement for you?” We went around the room, receiving various answers but one tugged at my heartstrings and truly pivoted my thinking about success.

The young lady stood up with great enthusiasm and spoke with such confidence.

She said, “to graduate eighth grade!” I sat there puzzled, wondering why is this an accomplishment? We constantly hear, to graduate high school but rarely a grade.

I didn’t allow my face to reflect my mind, instead I waited. She continued “...because I would be the first person in my family to pass the eighth grade.” I was in immediate awe. 

I came from a family that education was a necessity. Acquiring good grades were not up for negotiations. Me, listening to this was like a foreign language but it made me stop to think.

Success, as I understood it, meant being the best but for her, it meant being able to move to the next level by any means necessary.

If you’re like me, you’ve spent your life trying to be the best and achieve the most to better everyone around you. Ask yourself, where has it gotten you? Are you happier? Are you at peace? Do you sleep well? Do you laugh more?

Most will say no because we are working too hard, we don’t find the time to enjoy our versions of success.

Think about it, have you ever seen someone with little be so happy and you’re asking yourself, why? The answer is simple. They have achieved their version of success, which brings them so much joy.

The next time you think of success, ask yourself, what are you measuring it too? Is this for you and for someone else?

Remember, success is best when you understand your value.


Tameka Marshall



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Indeed, success is all about YOU – not for anyone else. I remember reading somewhere that our children’s successes are not ours nor are their failures. When I was younger I had grandiose dreams and aspirations and often tried to be like my dear departed mother who I felt had achieved success on so many levels. As I matured I realised I had achieved success in various forms and ways and even now, everyday. It’s the little things…..

Margaret David September 05, 2020

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