Embrace 'You'

Author: Tameka Marshall


We’ve only a quarter of 2020 left, what will you do with this gift?

Go on a girls trip, have a night out with your gal pals. Drink a glass of wine, better yet, finish the bottle and eat fancy because you deserve it.

After everything 2020 has thrown at you, babe you deserve to celebrate life.

Pick your shade of HAY LONDON and get a manicure and pedicure. Go to the spa.

Start a business or quit your job. Do whatever you like but just be sure it’s the thing that makes you happy. 

2020 has taught me to take risks and understand the only time I lose, is when I don’t take a chance. 

Use the fourth quarter to take a chance on you. Love you more. Care of you more. Date you more. The truth is, when all of life has passed, you only have you. 

So, why not spoil you? Be the person you were created to be.

Riddle me this, why live a life without love and purpose?

A life without true love is meaningless. True love does not come from someone else, true love comes from self-acceptance. 

When you decide to truly accept who you are, you will find your purpose in this world. 

Oh, sis, don’t live life with regrets. Cease the moments! Create your opportunities!  Dance in the rain! Cry hard, if it hurts! Laugh out loud because you can! Sleep in late because you are tired.

Wake up early and appreciate what God made. Go to bed late because you want to watch a movie and eat ice cream. Wear your pajamas in the streets. 

Tell your boss to shut it (in a nice way lol). Leave that relationship if you know it’s not worth it.

Live today, live in the moments, live, because life a gift.


You deserve to be happy, that’s all I have to say.



Tameka Marshall 



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