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Author: Carmen Lecuane
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This week’s topic: 

Have you ever felt a strong, almost unwanted yet needed - inner urge? The one  forcing you to move and step up your game? 

Yes? Well, that’s growth kicking in. If you don’t innovate, you’ll find yourself stagnant in all areas of life but let’s focus on business. 

With the responsibility of owning a business, expect to make formative life choices, with confidence.  

This confidence will build up as you excel more and more outside of your zone and it will act as a catalyst to the next level. 

The real game changer is about your execution. 

Think of perhaps implementing a technology Eco- System in your business: automation, streamlining activities and smarter ways of achieving results without getting overwhelmed with the process. 

Some examples could be using a CRM system or carrying out competitor analysis quarterly such as SWOT, PESTLE etc. to understand your USP and use campaigns to market on it. 

If you want to go further start collaborating and working with more resources 

These choices whether micro or macro will force you to grow beyond measure in all areas, I personally have answered that feeling we spoke at the beginning and it has seriously changed me under a year of operation. 


If the seed has been planted in your head, then believe me the job is already 30% done. 

It's imperative we work in smarter ways. My tip, let technology enable and extend an hand to you. 


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