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In honour of Black History Month I thought it would be a great idea to showcase the work of some amazing black women in the nail industry in a 4 Part Series, while also giving you some Autumn/ Fall nail design Inspo to try at home. (Just click directly on the tag /handle to view more work from the technician) 



For the most part of 2020 I've been rocking a short clean mani, quite the opposite from my usual mid length almonds. I'm often tempted to grow them out when I see beauty almond nails. This week I wanted to showcase some ladies bringing options to the nail table. Press ons are a fantastic way to play with various nail lengths and shapes while still keeping your natural nails intact. They are also convenient as you can pop them off within minutes.  

I love the elegance of these designs. A beautiful combination of lines, shapes and colours that compliment each other perfectly to create the most beautiful designs. 



These first three beautiful designs were created by @nailsbycanishiea  




The next three beautiful designs were created by @im_pressd 




Have you had a chance to view Parts 1 - 3? I would love to see you recreate your favourites from the series. Click the links below to view.  
I hope you enjoyed this tribute to Black History Month. Please leave a comment  below sharing your thoughts. 
Haydawn x




Plan on trying any of the beautiful designs from the Series?
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