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Author: Metta Francis 

Happy Self Care Sunday!

It’s the day most people set aside some time to give themselves a DIY pamper, including nails! If you want to try something a little different from your standard one colour manicure, why not try this very easy DIY abstract nail art look at home. No special tools or nail art skills required!


1. Apply base coat & then 2 coats of your base colour (light/white is best for this look)


2. Dry brush a light blue onto the nails. Remove almost all nail polish from the brush and gently brush onto the nail, to give a distressed look.


3. Repeat with a slightly darker blue - the messier & imperfect, the better for this look!


4. Repeat with a gold or silver shade



5. Use a cocktail stick/dotting tool to apply black dots, top coat to finish & then apply cuticle oil.



Final look!


 Watch the Tutorial on YouTube CLICK HERE  



Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!
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This DIY tutorial is ideal for me as i like trying out different colours and ideas on my nails. Just received an order of variation of colours from the company and can’t wait to get painting. Great video and looking forward to seeing more.

Denise August 15, 2020

I enjoyed every bit of this tutorial and I’ll definitely be trying this out. Usually I don’t like to polish my own nails but after looking at that tutorial I think it’ll be easy and fun at the same time. Good job!

Kelita July 27, 2020

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