An Attitude of Gratitude

Author: Tenesia Pascal


One of the biggest things that we forget to do is to say thank you, we often complain about everything from the weather to everything else under the sun but how often do we wake up and say thank you, thank you for another day. 


The law of attraction, god, the universe, energy it’s all language that connects us to something bigger than we are. Have you ever walked out of your door and listened to the birds singing, trees swaying and felt the overwhelming need to smile?


Do you pray and acknowledge how amazing it is that you are awake to take a breath, to put your hand on your chest and feel your heart beat. Thankfulness is such an underrated thing, it’s a few simple words, it connects you to Earth, to yourself and to the people around you. It helps you to appreciate all that you have and to see all that you can be. 


So try it for a week, say thank you for life, for love, for the privileges that you do have, for everything you are and everything you’re going to be. 



What are you Thankful for?
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